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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Last Shaker

The photo of the monument in the graveyard at the Shaker Village in Sabbathday Lake, Maine is one I took last October on our way home from a trip to New England. I first saw it on a drive through the state 15 years ago and I laughed so hard my husband thought I had lost it. See, the Shakers didn't believe in procreation, they thought God would take care of that minor detail. Needless to say there are only 4 elderly Shakers left and one gravestone in the cemetery. I have driven past the village a few more times since that first trip and it still kills me.

Seeing that lonely stone kind of sums up my philosophy, "Don't count on anyone else to get you through life."

1 comment:

  1. I like your post. I am NOT a writer, and how I started to blog has escaped me.

    Your point about- no one common thread through out your blog list is similar to mine.

    Winter is long and cold here too-

    Waiting for Spring, QP


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