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Friday, March 13, 2009

Sun Streaming in My Window

Although it is still below zero (Celsius) outside, the sun is streaming in and I am quite toasty sitting at my desk. But all that sunlight is illuminating the pressing need to do some spring cleaning - soon. The windows are filthy, I can do the insides now but I will have to wait for the warmer temperatures the weatherman has promised for next week to do the outside, that and I have to take the Christmas wreaths down from the front windows before I can actually clean them. I know, I know, it's March and the wreaths look sad and forlorn and the sight of them drives me crazy every time I pull in the driveway. But the average temperature since January has been -10 C and there was no way I could get out there and unhook the wires that are now hopelessly twisted from the relentless Arctic winds we have had since when? November?

But there is hope on the horizon, the sun is out, the snow that fell all day yesterday prompting my kids to dare to dream of yet another snow day will melt. It must melt or I will be out there with pails of hot water to make it melt. The snow on the ski hills can stick around for another week as it is March Break. Who's kidding who, when they call it Spring Break around here? The boys will be skiing and I will be on the deck liberally applying the Bain de Soleil which will no doubt make me "honey bronzed and highly desirable" as their ads used to say and washing it down with a pint or two. So I don't expect to be doing a whole lot of posting over the next ten days as I will be chauffeuring the boys to and from the hill and birthday parties and sleepovers, but I'll try to catch up whenever I can. I really need that laptop so I can post from the patio, although I wouldn't want to spill any "Bain de Burn" (as we used to call it, mmm ... I can smell it now) or Corona on the keyboard.

Oh, and the spring cleaning that got me started on this tangent - that will come later, first I will make the To Do List, then I will refine the List and finally I will post the List prominently in the house for all to see and maybe, just maybe someone will take down those damn wreaths.


  1. First item on that list... a little Bain du Soleil, a litte Corona.

    Second item on the list...a little Corona, a little Bain du Soleil...


    Well, I hope your "real" list helps! I don't know...you seem a little distracted =) but you're in good company, we're all feeling the same...we've all had enough of OLD MAN WINTER!!!!

  2. After years of hoping someone around here would actually DO something after they’d taken a quick glance at my To Do List, I finally made them each one of their own. Not a perfect solution, but it’s an improvement. Spread the guilt…the chores…

    Have a great March (not Spring) Break!

  3. That sunshine looks delicious.

    But washing windows? What's that?

  4. your room is so light, so pretty

  5. Oh so jealous. I could use a few days break - sitting and sipping in the sun... I hope the weather cooperates. Enjoy!

  6. Bain de Burn? Love that expression. Do you, by any chance, say Bon Ami (you know for that comet-like cleanser)?


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