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Thursday, March 26, 2009

When life is hard, here are somethings to remember

Maggie May, over at Flux Capacitor wrote a wonderful post that I linked to because her words really got me out of a hole and made me think about what I am doing to help myself and others in my life. Here are my personal additions to her eloquent words.

1. Sleep - Right now I can't get enough of it and I am usually getting eight hours at least, so the sleep that I am getting is not of the good quality sort. Part of that is because my Other Half is tossing and turning with his own worries beside me. He is going to try and do something about that, get some help and we are both going to work on solving the problems that plague us late at night.

2. Eat Healthily - This is something I have really fallen off the wagon from. I love to cook but my kids don't always love to eat what I cook. I try to buy local, natural and organic foods, but I do have certain food vices, like bacon and Cheez Whiz - together. I want to get back into feeding myself properly, not just eating the kids' leftovers or over eating because I am down. Spring is here and soon there will be fresh, local food to have fun preparing for myself and others.

3. Drink Water - Another thing I have let slide. Not enough water throughout the day. I can feel when my body needs it, now I must act on that feeling and keep drinking this vital fluid.

4. Keep Up Appearances - Not in the keeping up with the Jones way but I, far too often, leave the house barely having brushed my hair. I wear the same uniform everyday because I can't be bothered to put together an outfit and, for the last four months, it has been covered by my long black winter coat anyways. It is finally getting warmer, I can shed some layers (and some pounds) and be more inspired in my wardrobe choices. I don't have to spend any money, I have a closet full of clothes that I hardly ever wear.

5. Listen to Music - I always feel better when I remember to take my iPod with me when walking the dog (which I also need to do more often, for both our sakes) and I should always blast the tunes when I am cleaning the house (another thing to get back into the routine of doing regularly) and when the boys are driving me nuts. Music soothes the savage beasts, they say.

6. Dance - I can't remember the last time I danced, but I will find time to do so - soon and with abandon.

7. Have Sex - This is one of those things that falls so far down the list of priorities after sleep, kids, work, cleaning .... but one that isn't so hard to do. We just have to the make time and I know it's all good.

8. Take Care of the Spirit - For me this means taking time for me, whether I spend it reading or riding or writing. A friend once said that a happy mother makes for a happy family and she was right. No offence to all those incredible Dad's out there but if you want to take a reading of a family's mood, take the mother's temperature.

9. Be of Service to Others - Again, something that falls way down to the bottom of the list when things like paying the bills keep getting in the way but we all know someone who is having a tougher time than ourselves. I have to make the time to help out at school and volunteer in our community. This will help me with #8 because sometimes the best way to take care of yourself is by focusing on others.

Again thank you, Maggie May, for inspiring me to do some thinking and writing. Now I have to do some doing.


  1. I love lists because otherwise I tend to let certain things slide. But I also find them anxiety provoking. One task at a time, I guess...

  2. Strange, isn’t it? We know we should do every one of these things but need constant reminders. Is it a case of women putting their own needs low on the priority list? Only when we “crash” do we realize the cost/consequences of neglecting ourselves.

  3. I love this list- may I borrow it???

  4. This was a wonderful list.

    And by the way, you've WON something over at my review site!! Whoot! Email me at karenmeg1@gmail.com so I can get your details ...

  5. FFP, of course you can have it, I borrowed it from Maggie May. Spread the love, share the wealth, as they say.
    Woo Hoo, I'm so excited Karen, I'll go check it out right away!


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