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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crazy Eights

Haven't done one of these in a while and I'm feeling lazy, so here goes -

8 things I am looking forward to

- school being out

- not having to make lunches

- the boys all being away at camp for 10 whole days

- sitting on the dock at the cottage with a cold beer

- my sister moving back from Boston

- my sister's baby being born

- riding Jazz

- taking the boys to Victoria to visit their cousins in the fall

8 things I did yesterday

- finished the spreadsheets for our audit (yuck, yikes!)

- straightened my hair

- downloaded a bunch of new songs (I am on a bit of a Brit chick bender)

- had lunch with my Dad

- finally transplanted all the poor plants that were being crowded out in the garden and put down the mulch that has been sitting on the driveway for the past week

- tried to figure out our summer schedule to maximize my time on the aforementioned dock

- mailed another ridiculously shaped package (the ladies at the post office are starting to wonder what we really build)

- read far too many blogs. But in my defense, they were all really informative:)

8 things I wish I could do

- play a musical instrument

- work in a bookstore with no customers to interrupt my reading

- live in a village in the south of France

- take my kids to live and go to school in above village for a year

- write like Alice Munro

- figure out why Number Three Son is so grouchy these days

- spend more time at the cottage, life is changing, the days of nine weeks up north with the kids are over

- predict the weather, then we'd never freeze at soccer games

8 shows I watch

- The Mentalist

- Breakfast Television

- Lost in Austen

- The Daily Show

- The Mercer Report

- Being Erica

- Hannah Montana (with the boys)

- The Suite Life of Zack & Cody (ditto)

8 favourite fruits

- wild blueberries picked at the cottage

- local peaches

- local strawberries

- tomatoes picked from my garden mid afternoon (they are a fruit, you know)

- bananas (boring but they never disappoint)

- mangoes (love a mango daiquiri)

- lichee fruit bought from a sidewalk vendor in London (I thought they were the most exotic thing ever when I discovered them)

- plums

8 places I would like to travel

- New Zealand (on a bike)

- The South Pacific (by boat)

- Pacific Coast from California to Alaska (in a convertible)

- Queen Charlotte Islands (on a boat)

- Argentina (we're drinking alot of wine from there these days)

- the Nahani River (in a canoe)

- Ireland (on a horse)

- the Mediterranean (on a fully-staffed sailboat)

8 places I've lived

- Toronto (born)

- Montreal (studied)

- Vancouver (briefly, twice)

- London (in Holland Park and Wandsworth)

- Kennebunkport, Maine

- on a farm

- on the shores of Georgian Bay (currently)

- Algonquin Park (every summer for the past 43 years, give or take a few)


  1. I like Crazy Eights...and love that one of your fruits is in daiquiri form.

  2. I was going to say mango smoothies, but I was trying to be honest.

  3. Mango daiquiri? Yummmmmm. Love your 8s. And I wouldn't mind sipping a brewski on a dock either.

  4. I like reading these memes - you get to know the blogger a little bit more.

    Looking back, I sometimes wonder how I did manage to stay at the cottage for 9 weeks straight with three little boys...I think we all went a bit crazy...in a fun kind of way...

  5. I have never heard any of the songs on your playlist!!! I feel so old and out of it.

    Love your list of 8. I need to eat more yummy fruit!!


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