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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Folder Tenth Photo

Thanks to Seriously Shawn for tagging me in this game of photo tag. I had to look up my very first file of photos on this computer and find the 10th photo. Now, I started taking digital pics a bit before this but we lost a lot of them in a terrible computer crash and as I still took lots of film way back then it wasn't as big a crisis as it would be today. (Note to self: BACK UP NOW!!!) So here it is, nothing too profound or inspiring, some of my favourite pictures are ones of just every day life. There isn't much of a story behind it but as some of you may have noticed I can tell a story about just about anything and here it is.

I can't believe how little the boys are in this photo, you can even see a is even a bit of a yellow sippy cup down in the right corner. This was taken just before Christmas in 2003 at our old house in the city. It seems like a lifetime ago when the boys were cute and cuddly instead of huge and a bit stinky. I think I am going through a little boy with drawl stage as mine become an 11 year old who doesn't want to admit that puberty is on the horizon and says health class is "just gross." An iPod-wearing 9 year old full of attitude and "Mum, that's stupid" and a 7 year old, small town white kid who wants to be a gangsta in the hood.

But there is hope, my sister and her husband finally opened the envelope containing the sex of their soon to be born child. Drum roll please ... First thing she told me was that it contained an ultrasound photo of the baby with something (whatever could that mean?) circled.

Yup, it's a boy. My niece will not be forced to abdicate her throne as Princess of the Cousins. And no shopping in the vast aisles of never-ending pink and funky girls clothes section of stores for me. It's still all dump trucks and Pokemon for the foreseeable future. Oh well, at least I can off-load all our "Mighty Machine" videos (if they still have a VCR).

Back to the Game of Tag. I'd love to see these fabulous bloggers' First Folder Tenth Photo.

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  1. Such sweet boys!
    Thanks for the tag – I’ll check my First Folder/10th Photo. If it turns out to be one of me, no posting!
    Of course, I could always cheat. ;)

    (p.s. i am terrible doing tags and memes…)

  2. Hi there :) I wanted to say thank you for sharing with me about your Samantha. It does help to feel the support from someone who has been there. I'm sorry you have. xo


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