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Friday, June 26, 2009

Your Morning Smile

I was inspired (don't ask me why) by Mom 101's post "God, I am Freakin' Old" to dig up an old photo from 1982, my 16th birthday and first Formal (Prom). Yes, that's me looking oh-so-sexy in my "Little House on the Prairie" inspired outfit complete with high lace collar, full length taffetta skirt and matching cameo necklace hung on a ribbon. To really get my poor date excited I completed the look with Ma Ingalls up do!

Day one of summer holidays. Boys are watching cartoons while I get packed to go the cottage this afternoon! Have a great weekend.


  1. That is a sweet look. Pa would've been proud.

  2. Very nice :) love the up-do!

  3. I tagged you with something, it will not post until Sunday afternoon!

  4. My sixteenth birthday was in 2004, and at the time I was pretty clueless. When I look back at that time period, I can't believe some of the stuff I wore.

  5. I think it's adorable. And that fella you're with is a cutie. What happened to him, do you know? We just had a reunion for our high school. It's been interesting to see what everyone is doing!

  6. Jeff is a life long friend of my husband who was my best friend's date at that formal (does that make sense?) He now lives in NJ and we went to his fabulous wedding to Lily a couple of years ago. His parents live near us so we see him quite often. I am looking forward to my (gasp) 25th reunion in the fall. I went to an all girls school and see quite a few of my classmates regularly but it is always fun to see all the rest (some of whom are getting harder and harder to recognize)

  7. Your prom outfit is priceless...that is SO something I would have done<3

    Stopping by from Blog-Hop '09 and am very pleased to meet you. You sound like a complete riot and I am hoping you are enjoying your nights of nude slumber and meals of wine and cheese:)

    Have fun being a couple with your hubs--it really really helps in dealing with things if have time to just be adults<3

    Would love it if you would visit--(tout-est-des-roses.blogspot.com)--I'll be the one rolling out the welcome mat!

    <3 sarasophia


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