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Monday, June 1, 2009

Getting Outside, Again

It seems too easy to just download the photos off my camera from the weekend and then upload them ... et voila (anyone know how to get the accents to work on blogger?) a new post. But we had such a great bike ride yesterday despite the windchill of about 5C. Didn't dare put in my tomato plants after the weatherman's frost warning, so no gardening was done, instead we biked over hill and over dale, through the forest and down one of the steepest ski hills on the Escarpment. Number Three Son got to wear his favourite birthday present - a dirt bike helmet which made him look like an Evel Knievel Mini Me and our puppy was throughly pooped when we got home after chasing us for 3 hours.

Oops, did anyone see what that sign said?

Going down again

Too bad it's still too cold to swim.


  1. What I wouldn't give for some of that cool weather right now. It's soooooooooo hot in FLA!

  2. Please, don't rub it in. 5C is about 40F, that is too damn cold for June 1st even up here!

  3. I would have been as pooped as your puppy after three miles of riding a bike.
    That water looks so inviting - soon...soon...

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos!! Your family had a great weekend.

    I did not forget the cheese balls! I have the box downstairs to mail this week :-)


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