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Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's the Little Things

Everyone knows it's the little things in life that can make a difference. Here are a few of the ones that my friends, family and complete strangers have taught me.

  • My sister-in-law taught me to warm the milk for my coffee first so that it doesn't get cold as quickly even after you have left it to change a diaper, pour a bowl of Cheerios or let the dog in for the seventh time.

  • My father taught me to always be nice to the receptionist or secretary. They are the ones who hold the real power to get you in to see someone.

  • My grandfather, who co-wrote the Canada food guide, taught me that cake for breakfast is never wrong.

  • All my roommates over six years of boarding school and three of university taught me that you should never go to bed angry. You never know what you might wake up to.

  • My mother taught me to ask myself during an argument, "Is it going to change the world?"

  • My high school French teacher taught me to go with the first answer you think of if you really aren't sure, usually it is the right one.

  • Every flight attendant who told me to put on my oxygen mask before the putting them on my kids taught me to make sure I have taken care of myself so that I am able to be there for them.

  • My grandmother taught me that every teenager needs one person (doesn't matter who) other than a parent that they can to talk to about anything.

  • My husband taught me that Nice Guys can finish first.

  • My children teach me everyday that no matter how much your siblings drive you crazy you could never live without them.

What are the little things that you have learned that make a difference in your life?


  1. Every one of these is a gem – I’m going to try the warmed up milk one.

    My kids taught me that messy bedrooms should be way down there on my list of priorities.
    I’d also add some of the old stand-bys – saying “please” “thank you” and “I love you” go a long way to making the world a kinder, gentler place.

  2. My mother taught me that the way a person treats a server says a lot about them. My baby taught me that my mother was right and you never really know your capacity for love until you hold your child for the first time. My husband taught me that to date according to your "type" could mean you're missing out on your soulmate.

  3. AA taught me that faith without works is dead- and it doesn't have to be faith in God.

  4. "Please" truly is a 'magic word' sometimes.

    If momma's not happy, NObody's happy.

    A smile? Yeah...that'll make things better for everyone in most situations. (I learned that one on my own!!)

  5. My dad taught me that a problem never looks as bad in the morning.

  6. These are great!

    My dad taught me that everything will work out just fine...even if the results aren't what you were hoping for.

    My mom taught me that you get more back when you volunteer than you ever thought was possible.

    My husband taught me that good things are worth the wait.

    My son has taught me to slow down and enjoy things like worms, flowers and trash trucks on Monday mornings.

  7. Great "little things"
    I'm all for messy bedrooms, saying I love you - alot, treating others as you'd want to be treated, having faith in something, happy mommas, everything looking better in the morning - even worms!


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