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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

If it's Tuesday, it must be random ...

  • Yesterday I did four loads of laundry which included counting boxers as a result of reading Sane Without Drugs post suggesting that all mothers should do an undie count to aid in their son's personal hygiene. Her count came in at one, count 'em, one pair for the week. Mine was 14 which even if divided by three boys over 4 days is high.
  • We have bats getting into our chimney which then squeeze through the closed flue, pop open the glass doors and come upstairs into our bedroom where they wake us up with the echo location squeaks at around 4:30am.
  • I need to go up to the barn to get manure for the garden and as much as I love my horse I am not looking forward to loading his poop into the back of my Suburban.

  • I have something in common with British food babe, Nigella Lawson. She is quoted as saying, "My own children won't eat my food. If it's not plastic or out of a box, then they are not interested."

  • Apparently "Eau de Dead Seagull" is a canine aphrodisiac. Last night our dog went crazy chasing a lovely yellow lab around in circles after she rolled in one.


  1. Better too high a count than too low!

    Bats. Ugh. Used to have them in the old cottage and would sleep with the light on to keep them away. That "flutter" sound is the worst...

  2. I think that certain parfume comes in many different varities. Around here we have "Eau de Dead Oppossum", "Eau de Dead Racoon", and "Eau de Dead Armadillo".

    Dogs go crazy over it!

  3. Ooops. Spelled varieties wrong.

  4. I'd rather have too many underpants than two few.

    I've love to have some bats in my yard, but not in the house - that's definitely a bit too much.

    Happy random Tuesday.

  5. Wow a shout out for me!!!!!!!!! You get it right back tomorrow!!

  6. Leave it to hit40 to do a post about her kids underware, I guess that it was better than the masturbation post though LMAO! LOL! at Dead seagull scent! HAHA!

  7. WOW! I haven't heard "Dear God" in years!!

  8. Only Otin could work kids underwear, masturbation and dead seagull into one comment.


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