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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yeah Me!

In the immortal words of London Tilton (you'll get it if your kids watch The Suite Life of Zack & Cody)

I finally did it - jumped to the next level of blogging and figured out how to imbed My Playlist. I love it, now there's music to go with my ramblings. It is just like making mixed tapes for friends back in high school ('cause blogging is nothing, if not high school, right?) I used to spent hours making the perfect "Mellow Mix" or "Road Trip Mix" or "Make Out Mix." Wait, that last one was my boyfriend's idea. Might have to dig around and find it and see if it still works.

When my mother sold our family home I rescued all my old cassettes and I kept telling myself that I would go through them, replace the music that was lost in translation from record to tape, tape to CD, CD to MP3.

Et voila! Enjoy this little mix that is nothing if not totally random.


  1. Now I'm going to have to sit on your blog all day.

  2. I'm listening to it right now and frantically writing down titles and artists. I love your taste in music!

    (Good luck with the tape thing - a horrendous undertaking...)

  3. GREAT playlist, Cid.

    It's neat putting a bit of your personality on the blog isn't it?

    Have you found Blip.fm yet? That's what I've been on lately. I need to revisit my playlist at some point too, it's been ages.

  4. You like most of the same music I do! I don't listen to the Doors, though. I find them kind of depressing.
    BTW, I just read your reply the other day to my poop candle comment (a wax candle in the lovely shape of melted poop, which maybe only a little boy could think up). Only if it's not too much trouble though and you can mail it in a little envelope, I'd be honored to have something made by you!
    (1423 Central Ave, Apt h, Alameda, ca, 94501)

  5. I am all about music! I made alot of mix tapes in the 80's, God that seems so long ago!

  6. Thank you all for your kind words, it is a little scary putting yourself out there with musical choices. Not that I put all that much thought into it. But I did dig up my old mix tapes so stay tuned for "The London '88 Mix", "Electric Weekend" and "More Modern Stuff" which includes Cyndi Lauper, Whitney Houston and Lou Reed(?!)So totally random.

  7. Great stuff...I have about 600 tapes from my past...looks like I have a lot of work ahead for me !!


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