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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Please Card Me

Since it is pouring rain this morning I didn't get out to take the promised photos of all the gorgeous lilacs. So no Wordless Wednesday. Instead I was inspired by Harried Mom of Four's hilarious story about being stopped for drinking and walking in her small town. Apparently the group of three couple in their mid-thirties were mistaken by a "baby-faced" police officer for teenage hooligans when they were stopped and asked if they had been drinking. Of course they had been drinking, they are the parents of young children out on a Friday night without the aforementioned children. Harried, for a moment, panicked because she didn't have any ID in her purse. (Un)fortunately the police officer did not ask for their ID's once he had called for back up and took a closer look.

So I suggest that to make every woman over a certain age feel young again we start a "Please Card Me" Campaign. Up here in our liquor & beer stores they have signs posted like this one.

I propose, in the interests of making the world a much happier place by making women over 30 much happier, the policy should be "If you look over 30, we'll pretend you don't and card you."

Think of how good you would feel if after stocking up on your Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay some young whippersnapper behind the counter asked you to pull out that awful driver's license photo to prove you were born before (gasp) 1988 (for those of you south of the border) or 1990 (for those of us north, except you lucky things in Quebec where you would only have to be born in 1991 to be legal) Then upon showing of the appropriate ID the YWS (young whipper snapper) would then say, "OMG, you can't be that old. You're way too hip and cool."
Economic meltdown, global warming, phone call from the principal? Who cares, I just got carded!

Warning - just make sure that when you start to go through your purse to get the ID out that you don't start piling the counter up with bottles of Oil of Olay anti-aging cream, french fry-encrusted Happy Meal toys or coupons for half off sensible shoes. That would ruin the entire effect.


  1. Excellent idea! I still got carded when I was in my mid-thirties and I always got the most tremendous kick out of it. Now, I'd just assume that anyone who carded me was blind.

  2. I cannot even remember the last ime I got carded. sigh.

  3. I would generously tip anyone who carded me (knowing full well they were simply being kind...)

  4. See, a little carding could go along way to make the world a happier place and waiters would get bigger tips!.

  5. I never thought of it this way before -- but perhaps I've found a work around. Since I always use my debit card, rather than signing the back I wrote "please ask for ID" --

    hehehe...that's one way to be sure I'm always carded. :)

    Thanks for swinging by my site -- I can tell already that I am going to enjoy yours too! (P.S. and as you can see I have already found a way to procrastinate my "organizing")...i must get focused!!!

  6. Love it! Of course, during the day I would have to make sure my roots weren't showing (which would mean coloring every 3 weeks - damn you prematurely gray hair!) so it wouldn't give me away. and thanks for the shout out! :-)

  7. Definitely with you there. I'm, ahem, somewhere in my 30's and asian, so I get carded now and then, and I always thank the person and tell him or her to card every woman just as a courtesy. It should really be included in a book of etiquette...

  8. Cute post, Cid! I just had a discussion with a friend about a forty-ish Dad whose wife was sorta happy but more jealous that her husband got carded at the liquor store. Too funny.

    I was carded at a bar in Chicago about 6 years ago; I was ecstatic ... then I later read somewhere that they card EVERYONE there LOL!

  9. Liquor stores would get so much repeat business if this were in play. I was carded after I turned 40 and don't care if the person was being polite, needed glasses or it was mandatory...it made my day.


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