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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

This is what we call accessorizing in our house.

Can't quite make it out?

Here's a close up.

Still can't see Anakin?

He's third from the left.


  1. Ha ha ha! We have the SAME THING. Ours are on a bookshelf in the family room. My four year old frequently reminds me of the difference between Luke's lightsaber and Anakin's lightsaber. He also corrects me when I refer to a Storm Trooper as a Clone Trooper and vice versa.

  2. and we have Lego creations all over the house!! The newest involves Indiana Jones, his father and the young guy (his son? haven't seen the movie! so sad!) I'm thinking that it's going to be awhile before this "design by young children" phase of our decor is finished!
    good thing i like Legos!!
    (and Indiana Jones!)

  3. Transformers and Power Rangers rule our house.

  4. I remember the lego years - better on the mantle than under foot - ouch!

    I thought I'd find a book review. I just checked back at Barrie's and am pleased I'm not losing my mind. I'm looking forward to your review next month.

  5. They are lined up so neatly!!! At our house we decorate with little toys tossed ALL OVER the floor!

  6. May the force be with you!!

  7. Your a good mom :-) I have a fun post for all of us tomorrow. I was mad but feel better after making the post.

    And... I can definitely mail you a bag of balls. Just want a pic of you kiddos eating them! LOL

  8. CDP - You can't see the entire fleet of the Republic parked to the left on the bookshelf
    D - we seem to have skipped the Indiana Jones LEGO, although the thought of Indy on my mantle is kind of nice.
    Mama Goose - Been there done that, I'll keep you posted on what toys will come next as your boys get older.
    Sarah - Sorry I bailed on the book review, I loved your's. I promise I will have one for June
    Caffeine - the orderliness is thanks to Number One, like father like son
    Otin - Nanoo Nanoo?!
    Hit 40- can't wait to see the post lady's face when I open those big balls right in front of her!


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