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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Like, totally random

Day five of meditating morning and afternoon and I think that the morning time especially is making a difference. I'm not ready to declare myself a "Morning Person" or anything crazy like that but it is making getting up a little easier.

I admit it, I watched the season premiere of "Jon & Kate Plus Eight" last night. After seeing all the magazine covers in the store yesterday, how could I not? Those poor kids. Now, even if they wanted to go back to being normal, their normal will always be being sextuplets, until they are old enough to go out individually they can't help but be noticed, that and their mother dresses them in matching outfits. I don't know whose fault all the publicity is but it is a good reason to put an end to "reality" shows.

The lilacs are out, I will try to take a photo of one section along the road where there are literally hundreds of bushes. They were planted over 100 years ago by the train station master's wife in her effort to bring a little beauty into what must have been a very hard and lonely existence way up here. What a wonderful legacy she gave us.

Soccer is on again - four nights a week for us. I just wish it would warm up a little more so I didn't have to wear a coat to watch the games.

34 days until the boys head off to camp, time to get ironing on those name tags. Wonder where I put away the iron last year?

The other day in the car Number Two Son tattled on Number Three for using the "B" word. When I asked for some clarification he replied,

"You know the word for girls' privates."

"What word?" I asked, somewhat perplexed.

"You know, that word."

I turned to my 16 year old niece to see if she knew what the word was. We were both confused.

The "B" word for girls' privates?

Oh right, that would be "bigina"


  1. I have lilac envy. I lived the first years of my life in Ohio and the hubs is from Minnesota so we've both experienced the fabulous smell of lilacs and are bummed that we have to miss out on them living in FLA. Oh biginas. Already causing the boys problems. They have no idea what's to come. Ah ha

  2. I'd love to smell a lilac right now......far away from them....

  3. My lilacs were over at least a month ago. They are my favorites.
    I hate reality shows. What a train wreck they are.

  4. I’ve always wanted to try meditation but never have the time for it, which is probably an indicator that I need it. I have been slowing down to sniff the lilacs at least. Out of the mouth of babes –ha! I'm looking forward to your lilac photos.

  5. K - you are so right, they have no idea of the probles to come
    Otin - don't think that one didn't come to mind
    Braja - I will try to get a few photos for you
    Debbie - trainwreck is a great analogy
    Sarah - you have been doing more than slowing down, your photos were gorgeous

  6. I'm chuckling here on your side quote "if you're not embarrassing your kids, you're not trying hard enough"

    I love lilac bushes/trees. They remind me of my childhood, there used to be a tree right outside the kitchen window. I don't have them now because my oldest is allergic to them. His eyes swell up like tennis balls...


  7. bigina...that's too funny.


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